Accurate CCTV Inspections of Sewer and Water Pipes

November 8, 2017

When you have a sewer problem, or water is not flowing and draining as it should, then you need to hire a CCTV sewer and pipeline inspection service. CCTV inspections of sewer and water pipes can save you a lot of time, effort, and money because you won’t waste time trying to locate where to dig to fix your sewer problem.

For a relatively low price, CCTV inspections take all the guesswork out of where ‘exactly’ repairs need to be done. Unlike years ago, many dig points were used to inspect sections of sewer line and water pipes, efforts that took up much time and usually destroyed much areas of the yard in the process. So, how accurate is a CCTV inspections of sewer and water pipes?

Accuracy of CCTV Inspections of Sewer and Water Pipes

How accurate are CCTV inspections, you ask? They are precise. A specialist will run a video line down through your sewer and water pipes, you will then know exactly what is causing the blockage and the specific part of line that needs repairs. No more guessing the cause of clogged sewer lines, water pipes, and drains, and the exact location of obstructions or damage is also known. In fact, you can actually see video of what the inside of your plumbing looks like.

Not only can you see what is causing any blockage, but a CCTV inspection will also reveal the health of your sewer and water pipes, so you can make repairs before they become larger problems.

Apex CCTV Inspections are Fast, Accurate, and Affordable

Here at Apex Vacuum Gutter Cleaning, we understand very well how sewer lines, water pipes, and drain issues can become a major problem for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Our CCTV inspections can effectively and accurately diagnosis any blockage or other issues in your water pipes and drains, so that a solution can be determined.

CCTV inspections conducted by one of our specialists only takes a short amount of time. Afterwards, you will know exactly the cause of the problem, and the condition of your pipes, which will help you prevent any issues from escalating into serious problems later on. Our CCTV inspections of sewer and water pipes cost much less than any invasive diagnosis procedure, and it is extremely easier and faster too.

To learn more about our CCTV inspections, guttering cleaning service, or hydro excavation capabilities, please contact Apex today, we look forward to answering your inquires.

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