Benefits of Having a Storm Water Drainage System

June 5, 2017

Heavy weather is a part of life, even if you live in a temperate region. At some point in the year, maybe as the summer draws to a close, the sky is just going to open up and drop several centimetres of rain in a single day. Storm water drainage systems drink down this potential flood scenario, which means they're essential infrastructural assets. Basically, when a downpour shows no sign of stopping, this engineering solution prevails.

Downpour Remediation Strategies

Primarily, a storm water drainage system benefits a local area by quickly funnelling runoff away from a surface district before it's transformed into an uncontrollable overflow. Surface features, roads and pavements, are fitted with drainage openings at measured intervals. The roads and surface topography slope purposefully towards these drains. The goal is to direct the runoff, to funnel it towards the ground-based water inlets. On closer examination, narrow channels carve straight lines along town junctions and the stepping-off points just below street pavements, thus creating a series of easy-flow furrows for the stormwater to reach the drainage system.

Rooftop and Roadway Parallelism

Like the gutters on a rooftop, the furrows and narrow pavement-to-road slopes collect the overflow, then metal drain covers and recessed openings on paving walls act like building downspouts. But where does the storm water go from there? It flows as a piped torrent into the stormwater drainage system. Hidden below the streets or revealed as a series of connecting concrete gullies, the water is discharged. The benefits conveyed by the piped network are many. Infrastructurally, the water is kept separate from other street resources. No sewage or rubbish is suspended in the overflow and carried into occupied areas. On a smaller scale, perhaps in the home and its surrounding grounds, flooding becomes a non-issue, therefore the foundations of your home are protected. Again, no contaminants are carried unhygienically into the ground, so all garden plants and your own families' health are unequivocally preserved.

Whether you're thinking about your home or a larger scale area, stormwater drainage systems are a godsend. They obviously stop flooding by channelling the overflow away. Just as importantly, however, the drainage gutters and their associated inlets stop fluid contamination, thus safeguarding region hygiene. Finally, muddy flood water can damage building foundations and basements, but the drainage network, one that's unclogged, will prevent that costly event from taking place. If you live in a flood-prone area, make sure your stormwater drainage system is unclogged and properly maintained.

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