Road Works and Construction: Benefits of High Pressure Water Digging for Trenches

December 7, 2017

All types of road works and construction projects use labourers to manually dig and move small amounts of earth, but when it comes to digging trenches, costly heavy equipment is needed. Both large and small backhoes, and even mini excavators need much room to operate. These also leave a mess when they are done digging trenches…

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Roof and Gutter Cleaning: Practical Maintenance Solutions versus Re-Roofing and Guttering

December 1, 2017

As roofs age, it is not uncommon to discover rot developing on the insulation, wood rafters, and plywood on the ceiling. This happens because moisture has entered under the roof. If moisture is allowed to accumulate unchecked, rot is sure to follow. That is why roof inspections are as important as you can stop rot before it develops and ruins your roof…

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Accurate CCTV Inspections of Sewer and Water Pipes

November 8, 2017

When you have a sewer problem, or water is not flowing and draining as it should, then you need to hire a CCTV sewer and pipeline inspection service. CCTV inspections of sewer and water pipes can save you a lot of time, effort, and money because you won’t waste time trying to locate where to dig to fix your sewer problem…

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Blocked Drains Specialists in Melbourne

November 1, 2017

Apex Vacuum and Gutter Cleaning is a family owned cleaning services with over 12 years of experience and expertise. We are professionals passionate about our work, and we take great pride in helping our clients to clean their roofs, gutter, downpipes, and removing blockages from drains…

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Why Hydro Excavation is Better When Doing Maintenance Checks for Old Connections?

October 20, 2017

There are many responsibilities that come with property ownership, besides maintaining the interior and exterior of structures, utility connections leading to the property must also be maintained. Most jurisdictions require property owners to maintain certain portions of old connections, such as underground electrical wiring, water pipes, and sewer lines…

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Schedule your Roof and Gutter Clean Up in Time for the Holiday Season

October 13, 2017

With the holiday season is just around the corner, many people are preparing for gatherings with friends and family. It is a time of the year when most property owners are motivated to clean-up the outside of their homes, such as the cleaning and maintenance of their roof and gutter…

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Roof Moss and Algae: Where Do They Come from and Why Hire Professional Roof Cleaners?

September 26, 2017

Moss and algae are known to grow on roof shingles, but not everyone knows how they get there. Homeowners usually see them as “just” an aesthetic issue and leave them untouched, thinking it isn’t a good enough reason to hire roof cleaners because it would be a waste of money…

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4 Simple Reasons That High Pressure Washing is Effective for Cleaning Your Roof

September 13, 2017

A house without a roof wouldn't be much of a home at all. So why do most property owners neglect to take care of their roof until there is a serious problem? The key to a durable home comes in the form of cleanliness and maintenance. One of the most effective ways to keep your roof clean is by utilising high pressure washing…

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Why Roof Cleaning Should Be Done On a Regular Basis

August 28, 2017

Of all of the chores necessary to maintain a home, such as keeping the exterior surrounding areas clean, it is often cleaning the roof that gets overlooked. Making sure that the roof is cleaned is something most property owners overlook because it is not viewed as an area of the house that needs cleaning, often at least, unless visible fallen branches are seen laying on it…

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Methods for Proper Handling and Cleaning of Concrete Slurry

August 14, 2017

Concrete slurry covers the ground during the construction of some remote structural project. Left like this, the gritty concrete muck is a hazard to the local environment. Construction pros know this old enemy, know how to clean the man-made residue. It all starts with a collection management strategy, a proper handling and cleaning program that absolutely erases the presence of this highly alkaline construction industry by-product…

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Common Things that Endanger Uncleaned and Unmaintained Roofs and Downpipes

July 24, 2017

As months and years pass, and the weather changes, uncleaned and unmaintained roofs and downpipes become endangered, as common things become potential dangers. For example, when roofs, gutters and downpipes become dirty, and heavy rains come, built up dirt and debris can create clogs which can cause damage to your home…

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5 Reasons Why Roof Cleaning is Important

July 19, 2017

Having a clean roof is something that a lot of people rarely take the time to consider in earnest. But keeping a roof clean is important because it offers a lot of perks that will benefit home in the long-run. It may seem like a secondary thought since roofs aren’t really designed to be effortless to maintain, but durable and able to withstand wear and tear as well as the ravages of the elements…

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The Importance of Concrete Slurry Clean Up

June 22, 2017

Concrete work is part of City life. Out among the long grasses and grazing livestock of a rural setting, more concrete structures appear seemingly overnight. No one takes issue with these construction ventures. Similarly, there are no misgivings when concrete foundations are laid for new housing complexes…

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Benefits of Having a Storm Water Drainage System

June 5, 2017

Heavy weather is a part of life, even if you live in a temperate region. At some point in the year, maybe as the summer draws to a close, the sky is just going to open up and drop several centimetres of rain in a single day. Stormwater drainage systems drink down this potential flood scenario, which means they're essential infrastructural assets…

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How Do Vacuum Pumps Work When Used in Gutter and Drain Cleaning?

May 22, 2017

Messy gutters create rain barriers. They fill with debris, dam the water, and clog building downspouts. As an ideal solution to this messy problem, vacuum gutter cleaning equipment addresses rooftop blockages by sucking these drainage channels clean. Let's take a look at the vacuum pumps that make this process possible. Beginning with the power plant, you'll see how the heart of the system empowers the cleaning jetters until they can shift the most stubborn gutter debris…

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CCTV Drain Inspection for Commercial and Industrial Business Benefits

May 8, 2017

Drain issues can create major problems for both commercial and industrial businesses, and they may even lead to a shutdown of normal operations. For this reason, these companies need to seek out the best possible diagnosis for their drain clogs, blockage, or other issues in order to remedy the problems as quickly as possible…

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Downpipes to Stormwater System: Why Should These Be Cleaned and Maintained Properly?

April 28, 2017

From downpipes to a home’s stormwater system, each plays an important role in a city’s drainage system. That is why properly maintaining and keeping these clean is not only important, it is a property owner’s responsibility…

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The Importance of Fall Protection and Rescue Equipment in Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance

April 10, 2017

Since gutter cleaning and maintenance takes place high in the air, a reputable company should rely on the right techniques for fall prevention and rescue equipment to protect their workers, pedestrians, drivers and all others who may be in the area. If the company fails to do so, harm can come to people and this may cause injuries to happen and lawsuits to ensue for the injured to receive fair compensation…

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How Pit and Drain Cleaning Can Help in Flood Control

March 27, 2017

Current day methods of pit and drain cleaning provide homeowners with safe and highly effective ways to completely clean and clear gutters and drainpipes of clogged dirt, dust and debris. The advanced technology offered by modern vacuum trucks with strong jetters for cleaning drains and storm water pit areas prevents serious water back-up during heavy rain and stormy weather…

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The Importance of Risk and Safety Management in Gutter, Pit, and Drain Cleaning Projects

March 7, 2017

Risk and safety measures and management are essential for secure gutter, pit and drain cleaning work projects. Even experienced, professional cleaners well-trained in OH&S work-site practices for cleaning while stationed on the rooftops of high commercial buildings have occasionally had tragic falling accidents. For this reason, no responsible maintenance company that offers this type of cleaning will use ill-trained novices on these lofty-perched cleaning jobs…

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Health and Safety Standards: Why Is This A Must for Gutter Cleaners?

February 17, 2017

Gutter cleaning is one aspect of maintaining residential properties that home owners dread because it is usually a filthy chore, especially if you don’t have the right type of cleaning tools. However, more than that, cleaning gutters can be dangerous because it requires one to mount the roof, this is especially true in regards to multistory commercial buildings where ladders can’t reach the roof safely…

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The Importance of School Gutter and Roof Cleaning and Maintenance

February 6, 2017

Because the roof stands guard as a protective barrier against the outside elements, property owners and administrators need to make sure that these are maintained properly, this is especially true for school buildings. While the actual roof itself needs to be inspected and repaired as needed, so that it keeps rain water from entering buildings, it is the gutter system that usually gets overlooked when conducting roof inspections…

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steel roofing

Commercial and Industrial Gutter Cleaning: What Are the Tasks Involved?

January 23, 2017

You must keep a gutter system clear of debris to ensure that it will drain the water from a structure's roof in an efficient, effective manner. When this system suffers clogs, the water can back up to the point of standing on the roof or allowing the water to seep into the fascia…

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Safety Features of Hydro Excavation versus Mechanical Digging

January 11, 2017

A hydro excavation service clears soil by employing fluid power, not a hard-edged metal scoop. Consequently, it's a much safer ground clearance method than that used by a mechanical digging operation. Imagine the directional hydro jet impacting and clearing dirt. It powerfully goes to work on ground debris and dirt but leaves man-made objects undamaged…

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