Choosing the best gutter system

Feb 24, 2014

In order to have the perfect gutter system for you home, you need to strike the right balance between the material of the gutter, the shape of the guttering, and the extras that you can add in order to improve the system. For homes with large roofs and lots of trees in the immediate vicinity, the biggest guttering will be the ideal pick. There are different guttering materials available in the market including the classy but expensive copper and the low-cost aluminium. The gutter that you need to choose should also be in synch with the general ambiance of your property. A house with matching add-ons can fetch a good price in the real estate market, plus it’s more pleasing to the eye when you are looking at a perfectly set up property with corresponding attachments. Using brackets instead of spike hangers, covering the gutters with a leaf screen and extending the trough can be additional expenses to you but they can be very helpful in preventing water damage to your property which means more savings for you bin the future. These supplements are necessary if you expect large amounts of rain and lots of twigs and leaves, more than a regular gutter system would be able to handle.

If your roof area is huge, it will catch more water compared to smaller roofs which means it will need a wider gutter system. For large structures or even in smaller houses with lots of trees around, a gutter that is 6 inches wide would be the best pick.

Aside from size, gutter shape is equally important, even though in most cases, it’s mostly a matter of personal choice. High-end homes are usually garnished with guttering made of copper. Copper guttering is durable but most of the time, they are installed more for their beautiful appearance. They are usually round or U-shaped. Other gutters are K-shaped, with an edge that is directed inward toward the property. For those who want their gutters to look like they were taken from a single mould, seamless gutters are the answer. They are considered by many because they are more durable compared to gutters with seams, and they are less likely to sag.

The method by which the gutter system is attached to the house is an important consideration, too. Spike hangers are easier and cheaper to install. However, spike hangers can get easily worn out especially if exposed to too much moisture for a long period of time. Bracket hangers, on the other hand, although more expensive, are definitely more durable. And they inflict less damage to the roof.

The smartest thing to do is consult a gutter installation expert if you want to install new gutters in your property. They have the experience and the know-how to pick the right gutter system for you.

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