Common Things that Endanger Uncleaned and Unmaintained Roofs and Downpipes

July 24, 2017

As months and years pass, and the weather changes, uncleaned and unmaintained roofs and downpipes become endangered, as common things become potential dangers. For example, when roofs, gutters and downpipes become dirty, and heavy rains come, built up dirt and debris can create clogs which can cause damage to your home.

Preventive maintenance is the best solution in avoiding potential common problems caused by uncleaned and unmaintained roofs and downpipes, and knowing what common things that can endanger them is the first step.

Uncleaned and Unmaintained Roofs and Downpipes are Vulnerable to these Common Things

The main cause of damage to a home from unclean and unmaintained roofs, gutter and downpipes is water. When water breaches roofing and walls, it can cost far more to repair water damage than scheduling roof and gutter cleaning when needed. With that said, here are some common things that could endanger your roof, gutter and downpipes, and why you need to keep these clean to protect your home:

Water Damage – When roofs become dirty and the rain comes, gutters and downpipes can become overwhelms with all types of debris, such dirt, leafs, twigs and tree branches, and even plastic bags and paper can find their way onto roof tops. When rain water cannot drain properly, and water remains in the gutter and downpipes, the weight of the water can damage anchor supports which can cause them to collapse.

And, when water overflows and backs up, the potential is there for water to find its way under the roof and down the side of the walls of your home, which can cause expensive water damage. Also, there are other problems that stagnant water can cause – a breeding ground for insects and animals. Molds and bad bacteria also thrive in wet environments and they can carry various diseases.

Insects and Animals – It’s true, wherever there is dampness and darkness, there are insects because it creates the perfect breeding environment for them, especially mosquitoes. The longer insects are allowed to dwell on your roof, their population grows and they will eventually migrate into your home. Besides insects, rodents can not only take up residence or nest in your gutters, but when the time comes, they often die and end up being the cause of clogged gutters and downpipes.

The best way to prevent insects such as roaches, ants, mosquitoes, and small animals from invading your home is by keep the roof, gutter and downpipes cleaned and maintained.

Cleaning the roof, gutters, and downpipes yourself is not advised, especially if you do not have the proper equipment, tools, time, and experience. Safety being the main concern, that is why it is advisable to hire professional roof and gutter cleaners to do the task, and, the other advantage is that they also know what to look for to prevent any potential damage that could endanger your roof, besides the above mentioned things.

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