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Do Leaf Guards Really Work?

October 10, 2016

Thinking of ways to keep your home looking its best, while at the same time keeping it good condition, is what most home owners ‘do’. And, there are many handy tools, cleaning equipment, and various items that are designed to make property owners’ lives a little easier. Leaf guards are one of these things, and how they work, or don’t work, has caused much interest.

Gutter cleaning is often a ‘messy’ business, it is a chore no one will admit they look forward to doing, which is why gutter cleaning services are in demand, still, to maintain a home properly, the gutters need to be cleaned, eventually. Regular gutter cleaning is advised for homes with trees nearby, although, most homes just need their gutter systems checked and cleaned a couple times a year.

For gutters that get a lot of debris throughout the year, some contractors may recommend installing gutter guards, as a means to keep maintenance costs down and to extend the longevity of the gutter system. So, do gutter guards work, and are these worth the investment? These are pertinent questions home owners are compelled to ask, for the sake of their property.

The answer is yes, and no, depending on a property’s needs. Yes, gutter guards work, some types better than others, although, when the gutter guards get debris lodge in them, rain water can freely flow over the gutters and pool against the foundation of buildings, instead of channeled away to a storm drain via downspouts. Because of this, gutter guards also need to be checked, cleaned and maintained, depending on the need.

Are these worth the investment? It depends, gutters are very basic systems that have worked for centuries, and gutter guards are viewed more as an accessories rather than a necessity. While many dealers of gutter guards will claim that once you install these you won’t have to worry about cleaning your gutter again, that’s just not true. Gutter guards still need to be checked and cleaned, eventually, or else if they get clogged. When that happens, water will freely run off the gutters, pool next to your home, and potentially weaken its foundation.

The conclusion, whether you have gutter guards or not, gutter systems still need to be inspected and cleaned when needed, for your home’s sake. Whether these are worth the investment depends on a property’s needs, style of gutter guard, and the budget of the home owner.

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