Downpipes to Stormwater System: Why Should These Be Cleaned and Maintained Properly?

April 28, 2014

From downpipes to a home’s stormwater system, each plays an important role in a city’s drainage system. That is why properly maintaining and keeping these clean is not only important, it is a property owner’s responsibility.

Because cities have many hard surfaces that prevent rain from soaking into the ground naturally, such as roofs, streets, footpaths, and driveways, just to mention a few, water that is funneled away from these surfaces will usually reach street gutters maintained by local councils. Eventually, this water connects to large pipes, channels, and even into creeks – this is called the truck drainage system, which is why it is important that water is clean and uncontaminated entering council gutters.

This is the main reason why keeping your home’s downpipes and stormwater system clean and maintained is so important. When gutters, downpipes, or storm drains becomes clogged and backup, and water is unable to drain properly, it becomes a breeding ground for germs, bacteria and molds, especially if the of the obstruction is due to a dead animal.

When heavy rains strike and downpipes and stormwater systems get backed-up and overflow, stagnant contaminated water mixes with rain water, and then enter the city’s trunk drainage system. To prevent this from happening, professionals should be called in to inspect, clean, and repair gutters, downpipes and stormwater drains when needed.

Downpipes and Stormwater System Should be Cleaned and Maintained Properly

While many property owners do not consider their stormwater system or downpipes important to maintain regularly, often times the chore of cleaning these is conducted by non-professionals who are not trained in how to properly maintain, clean, and repair them when needed. So, much of the time, when stormwater drains, gutters and downpipes become clogged and overflow, the cause usually is due to improper maintenance.

Also, keeping downpipes and stormwater systems clean and in good operating condition helps tp prevent any water damage from happening to a home and it’s foundation. When water flows freely out of a gutter or stormwater drain, the walls of a building can suffer expensive water damage. And, when rain water pools against a building it can enter basements and seep into the ground under the foundation, causing it to shift and even crack.

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