Drain Blockage: A Common Cause for Residential Building Failure

May. 13, 2016

How well a house is constructed will ultimately determine its longevity that is why a well-planned and built house is considered a 'solid' long-term investment. Materials used in the construction of a house play a big role in this regard, but even with quality building materials some buildings fail to keep their integrity, why is that?

There can be many reasons that cause a building to fail, but there is one kind of problem that home-owners should not ignore because it can cause major problems in the future, and that is drain blockage.

What is a Building Failure?

Basically, building failure is when a part of a building ceases to perform its intended use, such as for homes that do not provide the safety, shelter and protection against the elements that they were built to withstand. There are two types of building failures, one is a structural type, which is the loss of characteristic of a building that pertain to stability and strength. The other type of failure is performance related, which is the reduction of expected functions around the home that include the gutters and drains.

Common Causes of Building Failures

Causes of building failure can be anything within the planning and construction phase, such as human error caused by poor workmanship, which includes not following proper procedures. An uneven foundation is another cause of building failure, as the structure can tilt on the land it sits. This can happen because of poor planning and design, or flooding from gutters and blocked downpipes that can cause the home's foundation to weaken and shift.

A few common causes of residential building failure are clogged gutters and drain blockage. These basically stop the flow of water away from the building, which can result in many smaller problems such as stagnant water that smells and attracts insects. More importantly, a blocked drain can cause water damage to a home's structural materials, causing wood and concrete to deteriorate. This is a problem that needs to be fixed as soon as it is discovered.

If you discover drain blockage, or your gutter system isn't draining water like it used too, it may not be too late. Problems like these can always be remedied by cleaning and unclogging the drainage, however, not necessarily by home-owners. You need to get in touch with a professional drainage cleaning services like Apex Vacuum and Gutter Cleaning.

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