Dried leaves in your gutters is a fire hazard

Feb. 17, 2015

Who doesn’t like autumn? Many people do and the change in the colour of the leaves and the cooler weather is a welcome sight after a long hot summer. However, for homeowners, a change in season means that a yearly gutter cleaning is due.

There is something about falling leaves, the dark yet warm tones and somewhat quaint yet melancholy atmosphere of autumn that invokes within people to engage in quiet contemplation. And, it makes raking leaves up and sweeping them off of lawns, porches and patios a solemn chore. However, one chore that is anything by solemn is having to clean out leaves and branches from your gutters, especially wet, damp and moldy leaves.

While wet leaves are usually the cause of clogged gutters, which can damage your gutters, downpipes, walls and the roof of your home, dried leaves pose a greater danger. Dried leaves can ultimately burn your house down to the ground.

Dried leaves are a fire hazard

Most people find leaves to be no more than a nuisance that clog up gutters and that requires unpleasant effort to clean up. What a lot of homeowners and property managers aren’t aware of is that dried leaves that clog up gutters can actually be a ‘real’ fire hazard, one that can bring a house or building down, if left unattended.

Dried leaves are a prime fire-starter, that’s what humans have been using for eons to start fires, primarily because they are extremely flammable. Even leaves that have begun to rot, once dehydrate from the heat of the sun, will literally become excellent tinder. Woodsmen and rangers both know that one of the foremost causes of forest fires are extremely dry leaves that litter the forest floor which can be set alight with just a spark or extreme heat.

Now, imagine having ample enough tinder sitting in the very gutters of your home – gutters that invariably are connected to the roof and its wooden beams. Very quickly you can begin to realize the real danger it poses to every homeowner and property manager.

Preventing fires with gutter cleaning

If you’re looking for a great way to prevent accidental fires from occurring in and around your home, thanks to the accumulation of dried leaves in your gutters, why not consider hiring a professional company to do it? Cleaning gutters yourself takes time, tools and safety know-how. So, most property managers and homeowners opt for hiring a professional gutter cleaning service Melbourne.

One company to recommend is Apex Vacuum and Gutter Cleaning service. Not only does Apex Vacuum and Gutter Cleaning services provide reliable and efficient gutter cleaning services that you can count on, they employ a wide array of specialised equipment that guarantee fast and thorough results with few hassles, at a very affordable prices!

Don’t let your house or property become a fire hazard, schedule a regular gutter maintenance service with Apex Vacuum and Gutter Cleaning services today:

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