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General Pressure Cleaning For Sidewalks, Driveways and Pool Decks

Jan 29, 2015

Gutters, pits, canals, sidewalks, driveways and pool decks are some of the most difficult areas to clean up. This is because the most commonplace methods of cleaning often still involves mopping-up a mess via some form of absorbent material, or through the redirection of water flow whereby unwanted debris is transferred to another area.

Using water flow to redirect unwanted debris to other areas tends to be problematic, especially when the need for a quick and thorough cleanup is required. Absorption methods are somewhat slow and laborious means to mop up high volume spills and messes.

Whether it’s a mess on a driveway, unclogging roof gutters, removing stain off sidewalks, or simply clearing up around the pool, there is a new and revolutionary way to clean liquid waste and remove stains from cement surfaces without having to go through the hassle of traditional methods of cleaning.

General Pressure Cleaning For Sidewalks, Driveways and Pool Decks

Apex Vacuum and Gutter Cleaning services offers a new, state-of-the-art method of cleaning liquid spills that is unlike any other. Using high powered water pumps and a top-class, high-volume storage tanker, their new ‘liquid vacuum’ cleaner is able to clean out large amounts of liquid spills such as the sort that clog pipes, drains, aqueducts, and drainage systems without the mess and the hassle.

The high-powered suction capacity of their general pressure cleaning Melbourne-based liquid vacuum allows for high-speed cleanup of water and sundry forms of debris without the need to separate solids from the overall ‘bulk’ of liquid waste. Its high-capacity storage tanker also allows for the quick and easy accumulation of waste. The best part about this service is that it’s a no-mess disposal which can be undertaken far from site.

While most other methods of cleanup still employ the good-old-fashioned process of redirection (i. e. to redirect the flow of accumulated water to an area where optimal dispersal is possible), the Apex liquid vacuum allows for the instant absorption of liquid and all other suspended debris via high powered suction, leaving a clogged or waterlogged area dry in a matter of minutes.

Unlike traditional methods of cleanup, Apex tanker truck’s high-capacity reservoir keeps the gathered water contained, only to be dispersed in areas where proper waste disposal is allowed.

The Benefits of a High-Powered Liquid Vacuum

Apex’s general pressure cleaning Melbourne-based liquid waste disposal vacuum system not only allows for the near-instantaneous means to dispose of clogged water, it also offers an excellent means to clean up other forms of liquid wastes. This includes liquid tainted with dangerous chemicals and strains of contagious pathogens. Apex high powered suction system gives cleaners a safer edge over typical methods of liquid waste disposal.

Why waste many hours of manpower employing typical means of cleanup when you can have a fast, safe, and highly efficient solution to most liquid waste? For more information on Apex’s vacuum and gutter cleaning services and how it can help provide you with the fastest, safest, and most thorough cleanup possible, please visit:

Apex Vacuum Gutter Cleaning
Diamond Creek, Victoria, 3089

Alasdair Collis
Ph: 0410 614 924
Fax: 03 9438 2743

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