Gutter and Downspout Cleaning: For Prevention of Moulds and Unwanted Pests

Apr. 27, 2016

Have you noticed your gutters and downspouts don't drain water properly, or they don't drain water at all? These can get clogged up, even if there are no trees nearby. It is not uncommon for other debris besides leaves and branches to enter your gutter system, paper and plastic bags are also culprits. But there are 'other' things that are much worse, moulds and unwanted pests that often buildup and even get stuck in your gutter system, and that isn't a good thing to happen.

A clogged gutter system is a problem in itself because stagnant water can cause moulds to develop and breed, but dead animals that stop-up gutters and downpipes is worse.

Importance of Gutters and Downspouts

Gutter and downspout cleaning plays a very important role in your home’s wellness, especially in regards to human health because their function is to make sure the smooth flow of rainwater is ushered off the roof and down the drain to the ground, away from your home's foundation. Without gutter and downspout cleaning, the water from rainfall would flow off your roof and would look just like a waterfall on all sides of your home. This could loosen and damage your home's foundation, ultimately ruining the value of your home.

There is nothing more dangerous to your home’s gutters and downspouts than clogging, because the water that is not drained properly can leak into your walls and roof, which can damage the structure of the house, in many ways. It is also possible that gutters and downspouts can break when clogged by heavy rains and strong winds because of the constant weight of water that is unable to drain.

The pungent smell from stagnant water, wet dirt, leaves, moulds and any dead pests stuck in your gutter system need to be removed, for health reasons and to protect your home.

Gutter and Downspout Cleaning

Preventive maintenance and cleaning gutters and downspouts is the best way to protect them and your home from damage. The only problem is that most homeowners and property managers don't have the time, tools and know-how to get the job done, or they do not wish to risk venturing onto the roof, which is a wise decision. Thankfully, Apex Vacuum Gutter Cleaning is here to help.

Our specially trained staff have all the tools and necessary equipment to inspect your gutters, downspouts and drains safely, using a CCTV camera. Then they will efficiently can clean them using high pressure water and commercial vacuum pumps to restore water flow, all without making a mess.

You don’t need to purchase cleaning equipment and then attempt to climb onto your roof. Instead, it’s safer and easier to contact Apex Vacuum Gutter Cleaning, we will do it for you.

Apex Vacuum Gutter Cleaning
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