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Gutter Maintenance Now With Vacuum Gutter Cleaning

Jan. 21, 2015

Are you wondering why there is not a drop of water from your house’s downpipe even when it rains? Has it been years since you’ve cleaned your gutters? Are there trees nearby your home? If this is the case, then your gutter is most likely clogged!

Why worry about gutters?

Home owners and property managers can’t take it easy because clogged gutters posse property and health risks from bacteria which cause foul odours. Clogged gutters are a haven for pests and insects like cockroaches, mice and flies and these can cause you and your family illnesses. Clogged gutters can also be an ideal place for mosquitoes too, and your home can become a breeding ground for them, and this places your family at risk of getting malaria or dengue.

Clogged gutters also posse a risk of gutter and downpipes collapsing because of the weight of accumulated water and soil stuck in inside of these. Small amounts of water can also flow into your home’s walls and ceilings which will certainly cause damage over time. Homeowners are surprised to discover their homes can be destroyed by just clogged gutters, what is the best thing to do? Act quickly; hire a professional gutter cleaning service.

Time to clean!

Now you might think of cleaning it yourself, of course, you will have to do manually, but that could be dangerous! You have to climb onto your roof, then risk slipping or falling. And, if you do manage to make it safely onto the roof, there is the dirty business of cleaning your gutters ... by hand. Be ready for the stinky smell once you start sweeping away stuck soil, leaves and stagnant water.

Cleaning gutters isn’t glamorous or easy work as some may think. Gutter cleaning is a messy dirty job without the right equipment, experience and expertise.

Who else can clean it?

If you don’t want to risk cleaning your gutter alone, it is understandable. Thankfully, there are professional who specialise in gutter cleaning like the Apex Vacuum Gutter Cleaning Service Melbourne. Apex Vacuum Gutter Cleaning Service is licensed and has OH&S training and certifications for its personnel. And, they have complete equipment and safety gears especially for cleaning gutters.

No matter how dirty and clogged your gutter system is and no matter how high or stable a roof may be, Apex Vacuum Gutter Cleaning can handle it. Apex Vacuum Gutter Cleaning uses powerful vacuum equipped trucks along with high pressure drain cleaning jetters, which sucks water and debris away without making a mess. It is mess free, when compared to using only pressure washing or hands to clean gutters.

Only trust a company which professionally cleans gutters, don’t risk your safety or health by doing everything alone. So, if you need your gutters cleaned, then you need to contact Apex Gutter Cleaning before it gets any worse.

Apex Vacuum Gutter Cleaning
Diamond Creek, Victoria, 3089

Alasdair Collis
Ph: 0410 614 924
Fax: 03 9438 2743

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