Hire Experts to Fix Blocked Drains and Pipes

Dec. 1, 2015

One of the most common problems that plague a typical household, on an occasional basis, is blocked drains and pipes. While these problems may seem like a minor thing, it is something that inevitably happens in kitchens that experience a lot of traffic. In large households, as well as in smaller ones, where people enjoy preparing and consuming heartily cooked meals, drains and pipes will invariably get clogged up.

This is due to the all the washing up after meals, and the various steps that comprise cooking. There are of course tried and tested home solutions for blocked drains and pipes, such as running hot water down the drain, baking soda and vinegar, as well as dissolving agents – chemicals that are not recommended to use regularly, but all do help to provide a quick fix for very ‘minor’ clogging.

However, for very serious cases of drain clogging that arises from years of non-maintenance or a freak accident of say, dumped macaroni, rice or peanuts down the drain, you will then need some professional help. Sure, you can try to fix blocked drains and pipes on your own, but if the problem has escalated to the point that most home-made ‘fixes’ no longer work, well, it’s time to call on expert help to provide the solution.

Why Hire Experts to Fix Blocked Drains and Pipes?

One may think that having to hire experts to unclog drains and pipes isn’t really a necessity, especially if there are instant fixes available in the market today that promise to unclog drains without the need for professional help. However, if your kitchen drain or whole piping system is older, or if it is made from specialised materials, then you will most definitely need expert help to fix blocked drains and pipes.

Unlike conventional methods of drain and pipe de-clogging, professional services guarantee that you not only temporarily fix the problem, but that it doesn’t recur on a regular basis. Most dissolving agents found in hardware stores and home depots may be able to unclog drains ‘temporarily’, but these do not guarantee a full and thorough unclogging, as only professional cleaning can provide, especially if there is a foreign object lodged in your drain system.

Expert drain and pipe cleaning prides itself in thoroughness, and thanks to their specialised equipment these company possess, they can do a bang-up job of unclogging drains and pipes faster than do-it yourself projects, without the risk of damaging your piping or the environment.

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