How Does A Vacuum Truck Work Its Way In Excavation?

Oct. 23, 2015

Traditional excavation methods are getting more and more expensive due mostly to manual labour costs. At times, these also tend to become time-consuming and can disrupt a very large area for longer than is desired. For times like these, hydro and vacuum excavation is one of the best options available, because the process involves a more effectively planned and logical approach to getting into the ground, with minimal destruction and dependency on manual labour.

The Benefits of Using a Vacuum Truck for Excavation

With technological advancements in hydro equipment and industrial vacuum pumps, it is now possible to simply loosen the rocks and soil with the help of jet streams of water, and then vacuuming up the debris into a specialised truck’s storage container. Debris gathered in this manner can then be disposed of later at another location, for away from your property to reduce cleaning up after work is finished.

This kind of soil removal is extremely suitable for residential communities and highly populated areas; areas where heavy machinery, drilling and loud noises are undesirable. There are virtually no limitations to using the services of specialised truck that has high-pressure water pumps and an industrialised vacuum to collect debris, store it, and then transport it away from the area being worked.

In fact, this type of truck can be used for many kinds of excavating activities, such as:

  • Cold Weather Digging
  • Utilities Digs
  • Soil Removal for Potholing
  • Remote Digs
  • Slot Trenching Work
  • Removing Debris from Home Gutter Systems
  • Pit Hole Creation
  • Soil/Sediment Removal

Without the using of traditional mechanical heavy equipment, manual labour, or tools such as shovels and picks; companies and individuals save a lot of time and money utilizing hydro equipment and industrial vacuums, while at the same time attaining better results from their work. Hydro excavating is ideal for all kinds of digging assignments, whether it’s commercial or residential soil removal work.

Other Benefits of Utilising a Hydro Vacuum Truck

Apart from the time, money and functionality benefits mentioned above, you might also want to look into it well-known non-destructive results. While you get all the soil and debris removal results, the process does not damage your land or your home’s surroundings. This is extremely important for people who do not want to invest extra money in restoring the area afterward excavating work.

Using a vacuum truck with hydro equipment and an industrial vacuum for excavating projects just makes sense, because it is safer for workers who do not have to work around heavy excavators, buckets, digging chambers and so on. Just high pressure water and a simple vacuum mechanism to collect the debris is enough to get the job done.

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