Keeping Your Stormwater Drain Clean and Well Maintained

August 18, 2016

A storm proof yard is something that every property owner wants. Of course, nobody wants their yard filled with water and mud puddles after the rain has stopped. That is when a storm water draining service comes in handy. It ushers away water from your property after the heavy rains, wind and thunder have gone.

A healthy storm water drainage system not only keeps your property from being submerged in water, but it is also very important in preventing soil erosion and health issues that are caused by stagnant water, such as from mosquito larvae and bacteria from developing. Storm drains are effectively used on any property, commercial or residential.

If you have storm drains installed on your property, then keeping them well maintained can be a challenge because these can become damaged, clogged, and stagnant water can build up. If you notice any irregularities in water draining, or it is not draining, then you will want to address that concern as soon as possible, by calling professional storm drain cleaners.

Stormwater Drain Cleaning Professionals Here to Help

Here at Apex Vacuum and Gutter Cleaning, we are professional storm drain cleaners, and we can help keep your drains maintained, so water doesn’t build up on your property. What does storm drain cleaning entail? Listed below are common maintenance tasks involved in maintaining storm drains.

Regular Cleaning

If you thought that a good rain is all that is needed for stormwater drain cleaning, think again. Actually, while rainwater might take out the existing dirt, it also brings in a lot of new dirt, leaves, twigs, and all types of debris and loose garbage, like paper and plastic bags. Usually, after big rains, or when water stops draining, that is when storm drains should be checked, and cleaned if needed. Or, if you can’t remember the last time you inspected your storm drains?

Inspect Piping

It’s true, birds, rats and other small animals can cause clogging in drain pipes. We inspect piping using CTTV to discover any signs of damage or obstructions that is preventing water flow, or that is causing a foul odour.

When your storm drain system is healthy, and water is ushered away from your home, like it should, then you don’t have to worry about your garden, lawn, or driveway getting flooded. And, here at Apex, we also offer professional vacuum gutter cleaning service, so you can also check that too.

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