Metal Roof and Gutter Cleaning for Rust and Decay Prevention

January 19, 2018

If you’re one of the many folks who still prefer metal roofing, then you’re probably aware that while they may be cheaper, they also necessitate a lot of maintenance. That’s because even galvanised steel roofing isn’t immune to the ravages of nature.

A lot of homeowners know that metal roofing isn’t really 100% maintenance-free, nor is it truly impermeable from the elements, but not a lot of homeowners know that very rarely are the elements the sole reason why metal roofs degrade.

Most homeowners miss out on the fact that a lack of regular upkeep, cleaning, and maintenance is one of the biggest factors that cause the degradation of metal roofing. But the question that immediately comes to mind is ‘why’? One presumes that if something is made of metal, then things like accumulated debris, fallen leaves, or snow and frost wouldn’t even scratch its surface.

However, not many people realise that a dirty metal roof, especially one littered with leaves and other organic matter, is one that is regularly exposed to acidification. This occurs when the decaying matter reacts with things like rainwater or even just humidity in the air, causing it to decay and leech out acidic substances into the metal itself, which in turn eats away at the material, causing your otherwise hardy metal roof and gutter to degrade.

It is therefore of paramount importance that one’s metal roof and gutter be kept in good condition. Here are just some of the advantages you get when you opt for regular roof and gutter cleaning:

  • Extended longevity of your metal gutters and roof – regular cleaning promises you a much more long-lasting roof and gutter. Because the metal isn’t regularly exposed to acidic or corrosive material, from all the gunk that would have otherwise just sat on it all year.
  • Long-term savings – while regular cleaning may seem like an unnecessary expense, it pays off in the long run, once it is realise that having an entire roof and gutter system replaced is far costlier.
  • Guaranteed safety – it should be obvious that a rusty metal roof or gutter is a hazard waiting to happen. Cleaning your metal gutter regularly will ensure that rust and decay do not degrade it to the point the gutter collapses, potentially falling on a person or items of value.

If you have a metal roof and gutter, and you want to ensure that these serve you for as long as possible, then invest in roof and gutter cleaning services by Apex Vacuum Gutter Cleaning.

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