Old Wooden Roof Shingles can Clog Your Gutters

Nov. 21, 2014

A problem delayed is often a bigger problem in the making, and that’s what happens with most people who do not want to look into a gutter cleaning service. It’s actually understandable. Gutter cleaning is not exactly the most important item on your list of things to do, it’s easy to reason that the chore can be tackled at a later time, but later never seems to come.

However, debris and those little old wood shingles on the roof do not understand this and won’t wait for you to clean the gutters. These little wood pieces buildup on top of each other and often clog gutters severely, in many cases causing permanent damage from excessive weight from water that cannot drain properly.

How can old wooden singles clog gutters?

Theoretically, small pieces of wood shingles should pass through the gutter when rain pours. However, not everything goes as planned and that is exactly why so many expert gutter cleaning companies exist. These little particles combine and restrain water from passing through downpipes. When wet deteriorating wood pieces are allowed to sit for lengths of time they become an optimum environment for bacteria, fungus, mosquitoes and other types of little worms that cause diseases.

Schedule Gutter Cleaning

No one enjoys going up on the roof to check the gutters, especially on a regular basis. How many times a year should you check your roof’s gutters? That depends. If there are many trees around your home, or if you do have an aging wooden shingle roof, then the answer is ‘often’. A professional gutter cleaning service can recommend the frequency. However, most residential and commercial gutters are inspected and cleaned twice a year.

If you have the right kind of equipment and a bunch of boys at home, cleaning your gutters from shingles over the weekend is possible. However, safety should be a concern. Climbing onto the roof may sound fun to boys, but accidents aren't any fun at all, especially if someone falls off your roof! Safety should be the first thing on your mind. Cleaning roof gutters is difficult and dangerous due to the location and contamination risks. Professional help should be considered.

Professional Cleaning

Old wooden roof shingles can clog your gutter, that’s true. But a professional gutter cleaning service can clean it better than anyone else. Not many households or industries really have the right tools to deal with gutters.

rofessionals like Apex vacuum gutter cleaning service is better prepared to deal with wood roof shingles and other types of debris. They come prepared with cranes, vacuum devices, and different types of attachments to ensure safety. In fact, in the recent years, gutter cleaning services with modern equipment have become a lot more affordable for hospitals, homes, schools, and corporations, due to high demand.

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