Proper Gutter and Downspout Installation for Hassle Free Cleaning

May 30, 2016

When planning and building a new home, or when reroofing an older building, most property owners don't consider the type of gutter system that will be used, and how much maintenance and cleaning it will need later. Actually, proper gutter and downspout installation is more important than people realise.

Because gutters are designed to control the rain water running down a roof, these need to be positioned ideally below the roof, in just a way to prevent water from flowing down the side of the building and collecting at its foundation. This is not a good thing to happen, as water collects around a building it can definitely weaken the foundation, if left unchecked. Not only that, free-flowing and undirected water can alter your landscape and drown plants.

The possibility of water entering a building and then damaging walls and wiring exist, if the installation of gutters and downspouts are not done properly, or maintained and kept free of obstructions.

Proper Gutter and Downspout Installation and Maintenance

To effectively control and direct rain water off a roof, not only is the proper installation of gutters and downspouts important, but making sure that the gutter system is kept clean. That is why some gutter types are better than others because they are easier to clean and maintain. Many things can obstruct the flow of water in a gutter system, such as small stones, leaves, branches, plastic bags, paper and even small dead animals like rodents.

Such obstructions in gutters and downspouts pose a serious risk of water damage, due to overflowing rain water entering the roof and walls. To prevent this from happening, scheduling a professional gutter cleaning and maintenance service is advised. It is no surprise that many people are unaware about the condition of their gutters and downspouts, until these become clogged by debris.

The best course of action to take, if you are unsure of the condition of your gutters and downspouts, is to contact a professional gutter cleaning and maintenance company like Apex Vacuum Gutter Cleaning. Apex uses streams of pressurised water and industrial grade vacuum pumps to effectively remove all debris from downspouts and gutters, while at the same time not leaving a mess.

To learn more about hassle free cleaning of your gutters and downspouts, please contact Apex today and schedule a free consultation.

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