Road Works and Construction: Benefits of High Pressure Water Digging for Trenches

December 7, 2017

All types of road works and construction projects use labourers to manually dig and move small amounts of earth, but when it comes to digging trenches, costly heavy equipment is needed. Both large and small backhoes, and even mini excavators need much room to operate. These also leave a mess when they are done digging trenches.

However, hiring heavy equipment isn’t the only option available when it comes to digging trenches for road works and construction projects. There is another more efficient way – hydro-excavation.

High Pressure Water Digging for Road Works and Construction Trenches

High pressure water digging, also known as hydro-excavation, is not new. Moving earth with high pressure water has been used in mining and construction for over 150 years, and it is still being used more and more in road works and construction projects today. However, today’s hydro-excavation equipment is far superior and more efficient than methods used long-ago, or just even a few decades ago.

When used along with powerful vacuums, a stream of high pressure water is not only a fast way to dig trenches, but no mess is created or left behind after excavation work is completed because dirt, soil, sand and small rocks are carried away and deposited in a designated area along with the water.

Benefits of Using High Pressure Water to Dig Trenches

Often times during road works and construction of new buildings, trenches need to be dug. Plumbing pipes, electric cables, gas piping, phone lines, and sewer systems leading to drains need to be placed in trenches, underground at a certain depth. Frequently, while digging trenches using backhoes and excavators, existing cables and pipes can be damaged unintentionally.

This is not the case when digging trenches using hydro-excavation because its safe, the stream of high-pressure water will not unexpectedly damage underground utilities lines when discovered. Also known as vacuum excavation, hydro excavation is a non-destructive and highly effective means to dig trenches by using high pressure water to loosen and remove dirt, soil, and small rocks.

With surgical precision, jets of high-pressured water cut through the ground like a knife, a process that is far more effective than manual labour, and much cheaper too. When vacuum excavation of trenches is completed, unlike heavy machinery, the surroundings are left clean.

Whether is it digging trenches for road works and construction, or for any type of excavation work that requires precision digging, especially in hard-to-reach areas where heavy equipment can’t operate or access, vacuum excavation is the ideal solution.

If you need trenches dug, and you want to save time and money, without leaving a mess behind, then contact Apex – a company that specialises in hydro excavation.

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