Roof and Gutter Cleaning: Practical Maintenance Solutions versus Re-Roofing and Guttering

December 1, 2017

As roofs age, it is not uncommon to discover rot developing on the insulation, wood rafters, and plywood on the ceiling. This happens because moisture has entered under the roof. If moisture is allowed to accumulate unchecked, rot is sure to follow. That is why roof inspections are as important as you can stop rot before it develops and ruins your roof.

Re-roofing is often necessary for old, rotting roofs. Thankfully, you can avoid this fate for your roof with regular roof and gutter cleaning.

Avoid Re-Roofing with Roof and Gutter Cleaning

Roofs and gutters that are not cleaned regularly or as needed will result in the accumulation of debris that will cause a clog. A clogged gutter and downpipe will cause rain water to backup and flow down the walls of a building and can potentially enter the roof. Homes near trees are especially at risk and will need gutter and roof cleaning more often, as leafs and twigs from trees are notorious for clogging gutters and downspouts.

Basically, over time, as debris is brought in from the wind, trees, and wildlife such as birds, it accumulates on a roof. When heavy rain comes, debris on the roof gets washed toward the gutters and downspout and restricts the flow of draining water. When water cannot drain properly it can pool up on the roof and water can leak, causing water damage to the roof, walls, ceiling, and makes it possible for rot to develop.

The best way to avoid rot from ruining your roof is to keep your gutter and roof free of debris. Although, it is never advised to climb onto your roof in an attempt to remove debris or to clean the gutter, even if you have some experience, for a number of reasons, mainly safety.

Prevent Your Gutter From Clogging With Apex Vacuum and Gutter Cleaning

It is serious business climbing onto one’s roof, even with a proper ladder, it is not only dangerous because of the risk of falling, but you could also unintentionally cause damage to your roof by walking on it. The best advice is to hire professional roof and gutter cleaners, they have the proper equipment and tools to access and clean your roof and gutters safely.

Here at Apex Vacuum and Gutter Cleaning, we are a licensed and insured company with the experience, proper tools, equipment, and safety training to conduct cleaning and maintenance of your roof and gutter. If you want to avoid reroofing your home because of rot damage caused by leaks from a clogged gutter, we can help.

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