Safety Features of Hydro Excavation versus Mechanical Digging

Jan. 11, 2017

A hydro excavation service clears soil by employing fluid power, not a hard-edged metal scoop. Consequently, it's a much safer ground clearance method than that used by a mechanical digging operation. Imagine the directional hydro jet impacting and clearing dirt. It powerfully goes to work on ground debris and dirt but leaves man-made objects undamaged. That's a handy feature, especially when there are underground cables and plumbing lines nearby.

Features Non-Destructive Clearing Power

Hydro excavators were and still continue to find application in the mining industry, but their soil breaking attributes have made the water-powered tool popular in other areas. Primarily, it's a safe excavation tool, a method of energetically clearing soil without affecting the delicate structures that occupy that same ground area. In short, the focused stream of pump pressurized fluid cuts through dirt effortlessly, but it bounces harmlessly off of utility pipes and cables.

Structure Friendly Excavations

Underground cables are armored with thick layers of rubber insulation and wire sheathing. Similarly, toughened plastics and premium-grade copper alloys channel water and gas through nearby plumbing pipes. Mechanical diggers serve well as ditch openers here, but surgical precision is called for when the excavation closes in on these important conduits. Gas, as one critical example, is explosive. That's why a mechanical scoop moves fast when it's making an initial cut, but it slows to a crawl when it nears these dangerous underground structures, for it could easily fracture a pipe or short-circuit one of the cables.

Focused Fluid Power

A hydro excavation tool provides worry-free operation. That statement applies to the client and to the hydro excavator operator, for everything is washed away, not physically cut or cleaved. In effect, the water breaks the tiny surface coupling effect that exists at a granular level, so all solid structural assets are safe. The result of this potent fluid-cleaning effect is the removal of large sections of particulate matter and loosened debris, all so that close-at-hand underground pipes and cables are left safely exposed and entirely undamaged.

Hydro excavation technology is classed as a non-invasive ground clearance method. When high-voltage cables or explosive gas lines are detected, use this tool in place of a destructive mechanical digging method. The damage-proof service is also fast, efficient, and affordable. In conclusion, hydro jets combine pressurized water streams and air vacuums to create a virtual scalpel, a means of quickly exposing dangerous utility lines without causing damage to them.

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