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The Dangers of Blocked Drains and Pipes

Apr. 8, 2016

Drains and pipes are your home’s disposal system, think of it much like the human body’s human digestive system, because it disposes toxins and wastes much in the same way, and it is necessary for a healthy, functioning home. It's true, drains and pipes must be kept clean and waste should flow out freely, unobstructed.

Dangers of Blocked Drains and Pipes

A clogged drain is a blocked drain, which is caused by 'anything' that obstructs the flow of water in the pipes, anything is possible when there are young children living in a house. However, not only small objects like toy parts can block drains and pipes, but common things like human hair, dog hair, paper, plastic wrappings, food and female hygiene products, just to name a few of the most common culprits.

Basically, anything that is put in the toilet or that falls on the floor can end up in a drain, even grease can compound an already obstructed drain and completely cut off water flow; and that's not a good thing to happen. When that does happen, it becomes a real health hazard.

Negative Effects of a Blocked Drain

Any clogged drain is a health hazard, whether it is a gutter drain or a drain inside the home, wastewater can back-flow into a home, and the bacteria in it can cause sickness. Blocked drains and pipes can also cause damage to your home as water pressure builds up inside old or deteriorated pipes, causing them to leak or burst, which can cause water damage to large areas of a home.

Unseen water damage from leaking pipes and drains can be a silent and costly expense that could easily run into the thousands of dollars, because water needs to be vacuumed up, and then a thorough cleanup is necessary, for the health of your family. Why is that? Stagnant water begins to smell, and that is one way homeowners have discovered blocked drains, but when left unresolved this condition becomes an oasis for small animals, such as worms, cockroaches, rats, insects and other pests.

How to Avoid Clogged Drains and Pipes

There is no better way, but to clean them regularly and then make sure that no foreign objects reach your drains. If you think that you have blocked drains and pipes, because water is not flowing like it used too, then contact Apex Vacuum Gutter Cleaning, we can have one of our technicians come and visit your home or business today.

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