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The Do's and Don’ts of Drain Cleaning

July 12, 2016

If you are like most people, then you always have an eye out for warning signs of a drain clog. You know, water takes a little longer to drain, there is some pooling of water around the drain hole, unpleasant noises while water is draining, and that horrible smell. Nobody wants any drains in and around their home to reach such a condition that is why regular drain cleaning is so important.

Calling drain cleaning services when water ceases to drain completely usually costs more in than just cleaning any obstruction because clogged drains cause damage to pipes, even causing these to burst. A better idea is to have not only your drains inspected and cleaned on a regular basis, but also your gutter and downspouts as well.

So, what is the best way to go about it – inspecting and cleaning drains and gutter system – is there someone to call for help? Yes, there is, however, not just any cleaning will do, there some do’s and don’ts to consider first.

The Do’s of Cleaning Drains

The key to keeping drains clean is in maintaining these over time, on a regular basis.

Here are some points to make it happen.

  1. Use a professional drain cleaning services to inspect your drains and gutter for any obstructions or damage as an inexpensive preventive maintenance measure.
  2. Do monitor the things that go down your drains, such as cigarette butts, paper, plastic wrapper and other similar things are notorious for ending up not only in drains, but in gutters too.
  3. Catch the problems early, a little bubbling or foul smell coming from your drains or gutters should not be ignored because it could an obstruction forming.

The Don’ts of Drain Cleaning

Don’t think you have done something wrong, regarding draining maintenance, it is something most people honestly overlook.

  1. Although, drain cleaners are effective sometimes, these aren't recommended to use frequently because the chemical ingredients are harmful to the environment, and to your pipes.
  2. Don't overlook or lose interest in the real issue or cause of water not draining properly, just because water is flowing again doesn't mean the obstruction is dislodged.

Apex Vacuum and Gutter Cleaning is here to help homes and commercial buildings to maintain their drains, gutters and downspouts, using the latest cleaning equipment, which includes CCTV for inspecting drains for damage and obstructions. Confidently, our skilled technicians are able to clean and remove any obstructions you may have.

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