The Importance of Declogging and Cleaning Downpipes

Aug. 7, 2014

Gutter cleaning is an integral part of maintaining your own home, which unfortunately most homeowners procrastinate and put off doing it for obvious reasons, its dirty work. Because your gutter system is out of sight and rarely checked, it works just fine until problem arises. That’s usually the time when there are heavy rains, and clogged downpipes turn into a deluge caused by tree branches, leaves, paper, plastic bags or even dead animals such as rodents. Basically, the situation can get out of hand quickly.

Most unsuspecting property owners don’t realise the importance of declogging and cleaning downpipes. In fact, damaged or clogged downpipes lead to house dampening, wall fungi, odour issues and much, much more problems. Home maintenance experts suggest annual cleaning and declogging of all types of gutters including plastic, cast iron, and steel.

Causes of Clogged and Damaged Downpipes

Downpipes and gutter repairs can be costly, time-consuming and a hassle to deal with, that is why preventive measures are best. You can prevent such an ordeal by simply having your gutters cleaned regularly, as well as having the downpipes cleared of all obstructions before trouble begins to brew and they get clogged with sticks, leaves and anything else that finds its way into your home’s gutter system.

Debris from dirt, pebbles, fallen leaves, branches, moss and even dead animals can easily find their way into you gutters and quickly clog downpipes months pass by.

When rainwater hits your roof, the debris blocks water, which then can easily leak onto the ceiling and walls inside your home! Not to mention, when decaying debris such as these become moist, along with mold growth, it produces an awful smell you won’t soon forget. In fact, the smell will linger around your home until you clean out your gutter and downpipes. But there’s more to worry about.

Repair Damaged Gutters

Unfortunately, once damaged, most downpipes need to be replaced. Once replaced, homeowners usually hire a professional gutter cleaning service to maintain their gutter system on a regular basis, so it doesn’t happen again. The frequency of maintenance is usually upon recommendation by the gutter cleaning service.

Periodic inspection for cracks and sagging can also help get a clear idea of when you need to make repairs.

In some cases, where cracks and holes are small, you can look into sealing them, but that is not a long-term solution at all.

Gutter Maintenance

Well-maintained gutter downpipes last three times longer than their counterparts, according to some gutter cleaning professionals, and annual vacuum gutter cleaning is the best solution for almost every kind off home to clear them of debris. The process includes inspecting gutters and then cleaning them manually with vacuum pressure cleaning and specialized equipment.

Such a vacuum gutter cleaning process is ideally performed during the spring time or just before rainy season hits. For areas where debris from trees and dirt is unavoidable, vacuum cleaning is the best solution to prevent sagging, leakage, and blockages.

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