The Importance of Fall Protection and Rescue Equipment in Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance

April 10, 2014

Since gutter cleaning and maintenance takes place high in the air, a reputable company should rely on the right techniques for fall prevention and rescue equipment to protect their workers, pedestrians, drivers and all others who may be in the area. If the company fails to do so, harm can come to people and this may cause injuries to happen and lawsuits to ensue for the injured to receive fair compensation. On top of all this, there are OHS regulations set forth by local authorities that all companies need to adhere to in order to ensure that they provide a safe working environment for their employees.

What Is Fall Protection?

Companies accomplish fall protection in several different ways. One way is by installing systems on the roofs that include safety or barrier railings. While these may be permanent on commercial buildings, temporary setups are possible for home jobs. Another way is by mandating that their workers wear safety harnesses and use restraint systems when they are performing gutter cleaning and maintenance. Even if they slip, these elements will catch and hold them in place until they regain their footing once again. In addition, workers go through formal training to earn height-safety qualifications and participate in ongoing, in-house training to ensure that they understand the proper safety protocol.

The Use of Elevating Work Platforms

At times, the best way to prevent falls is by utilising elevating work platforms in place of ladders. In fact, certain buildings are too tall for ladders to be effective for gutter maintenance and cleaning.

Examples of Rescue Equipment

The rescue equipment necessary to save someone from the results of a fall will vary according to the type of building or home. Examples of this equipment include lift trucks, ropes, litters or stretchers, first aid supplies and equipment, and safety harnesses and tethers for the rescue workers.

A Documented Risk Assessment Is a Necessity before Each Job

Prior to each job for gutter maintenance and cleaning, a risk assessment is necessary to determine and document what the proper procedures and equipment are to conduct the job in a safe manner. This is the only way to prepare correctly for each job.

As you can see, you cannot underestimate the importance of fall protection and rescue equipment in gutter cleaning and maintenance. For this reason, you should turn to APEX Vacuum Gutter Cleaning for all your needs in gutter maintenance and cleaning. We understand how to conduct these tasks in the safest possible manner.

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