The Importance of Risk and Safety Management in Gutter, Pit, and Drain Cleaning Projects

Mar. 7, 2017

Risk and safety measures and management are essential for secure gutter, pit and drain cleaning work projects. Even experienced, professional cleaners well-trained in OH&S work-site practices for cleaning while stationed on the rooftops of high commercial buildings have occasionally had tragic falling accidents. For this reason, no responsible maintenance company that offers this type of cleaning will use ill-trained novices on these lofty-perched cleaning jobs. Every crew member is given extensive training in use of ladders, hydraulic lifts and commercial grade vacuum pumps before the first ascent to higher altitudes for work.

Valuable Benefits of Top-Tier Training for All Gutter, Pit and Drain Cleaners

All members of a professional gutter, pit and drain clearing team are taught the very valuable benefits of receiving and mastering the techniques of this profession before joining the ranks of a commercial cleaning team. By learning well the techniques of performing this much-needed cleaning work while maneuvering industrial equipment and balancing on the sometimes uneven and precarious surfaces of commercial building roofs, these specialized maintenance crews are able to achieve the following crucial goals:

  • Prevent Injury or Potential Death to Inexperienced Roof Climbers. - When the majority of a rooftop gutter, pit and drain cleaning team are well-trained and experienced in best safety precautions relative to their potentially dangerous work, the presence of one novice on the team will probably not seriously jeopardize the safety of others. At the same time, these veteran rooftop navigators will safely help the newcomer to become familiar with safe, secure rooftop procedures while cleaning.
  • Guard Cleaning Crew Members against Bacterial Infections and Other Disease. - When cleaning teams for gutters, pits and drains fully understand the operation and safety procedures for operation of heavy-duty vacuum pumps and hydraulic lifts, team members appreciate the importance of using high-powered, commercial grade equipment for safe, thorough cleaning. They also value the role played by these powerful tools in safeguarding team members against serious bacterial infections and other diseases or health conditions due to prolonged exposure to stagnant debris lodged in gutters and drains when less effective cleaning equipment is used.
  • Safeguard Cleaners against Accidents Caused by Ill-trained Crew Members. - When most members of a pro rooftop clearing team for clogged drains, pits and gutters are highly trained in on-site safety measures for operating heavy-duty commercial cleaning equipment, the presence of one lesser trained worker will probably not put the majority of the team in serious danger. However, one careless move or loss of control while handling heavy equipment at rooftop heights can cause potentially deadly falls or serious and lasting injuries. Even careless handling of a ladder may result in its falling to the ground and causing injury or damage to individuals or vehicles on the street below.

By engaging the expert services of Apex Vacuum Gutter Cleaning with main offices in Diamond Creek, Victoria, you can be sure of receiving excellent quality professional cleaning of your building's gutters, pits and drains. This very responsible commercial building maintenance company provides only expertly trained cleaning crews to thoroughly clear and clean these exterior building areas while using the most safe, secure and healthy equipment and updated techniques.

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