The Perils of DIY Job in Drain and Pit Cleaning

October 25, 2016

Australia receives its fair share of extreme weather conditions, which means that flooding can and does happen, and that spells troubles for homes and the surrounding areas, especially if storm drains and pits are not maintained. Basically, if a storm water pit or drain gets clogged and water backs up, an enormous amount of water can flow freely in all directions, and that isn’t a good thing to happen.

When water is allowed to flow freely around a home because of clogged storm water drains, or an overflowing storm water pit, the water can devastate gardens, move earth from one area to another, often causing mud and rocks to cover yards, drive ways, and sidewalks, or worse, water may enter a home or commercial building. When that happens, repairs can run into thousands of dollars.

With that said, many are concerned about their drains and storm water pits, which compels some property owners to attempt to inspect these on their own, and then attempt to clean and maintain them. Wanting to take on a DIY job in drain and pit cleaning is honourable, however, anyone who has attempted the feat on their own will tell you that it’s easier said than done. This is especially true for a few reasons, the main one being ‘safety’.

DYI Perils of Drain and Pit Cleaning

If you’ve never cleaned storm drains and pits before, then you will discover quickly that these areas are collection points where water from various sources originate, these can get very dirty. Sludge, sump oil, sticks, vegetation, dead animals, and all kinds of garbage can end up in storm drains, often times these buildup and cause drains to become clogged.

When conducting a DYI inspection of drain and storm pits, some property owners have used broom handles, sticks, pipes and all types of items to probe their drain pipes in an attempt to dislodge debris that is causing water to backup. Unfortunately, items used to probe drain pipes in this way break and get stuck in drainpipes, or these get dropped in storm pits and can’t be retrieved easily. And, when attempting to retrieve debris, some home owners end up causing damage or getting injured, which makes matters worse.

Cleaning storm pits also has its perils, in that people can get injured falling into these, or they become contaminated with bacteria and germs that flourish there. Not having the right equipment to inspect and clean drains and storm pits is the biggest danger to people because they can get injured or sick, or cause unexpected damage to these areas.

Considering this, it is highly recommend to hire professionals drain and pit cleaning services that are equipped for the job.

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