The Significance of Vacuum Pumps for Gutter Cleaning

Sep. 23, 2015

Gutter and roof cleaning and leaf and debris removal is not a pleasant task, but it is necessary, and can be hazardous. Caution must be exercised when performing gutter cleaning work that requires ladders and scaffolding to reach and clean or flush out the debris. Cleaning gutters using a vacuum pump provides a safer and more thorough cleaning alternative than manually removing debris from a ladder or scaffold.

Current, newer, lighter weight pick and place commercial and industrial gutter vacuums and roof vacuums provide safer and easier access to roofs and gutters as well as air conditioning vents, signage, dormers, and more. Operators more safely carry lightweight vacuum systems and more easily maneuver them during cleaning operations at extreme heights. Attached poles and vacuum hose nozzles are available to achieve the necessary reach. Lighter weight, carbon fiber poles intended to reduce use-fatigue are also available alternatives to traditional fiberglass and stainless steel poles. These attachments alleviate the need for longer ladders, scaffolding, and aerial bucket mechanisms (cherry pickers) that impose more occupation safety and health (OSH) risks and which require more safe operation training.

Vacuum Pumps - Commercial Cleaning

Vacuum pumps may be used for any number of industrial equipment or scientific processes, including older aircraft systems, semiconductor processing, medical applications, and air conditioning and commercial cleaning mechanisms such as gutter and roof cleaning.

Roof and contract cleaners require a safe and practical solution to vacuum gutters and roofs. Lightweight commercial and industrial pumps displace air which creates a low-pressure / partial vacuum space within the sealed container environment. The compressed-air vacuum pump is a lightweight, low-cost, highly efficient, air-minimizing, consistent flow piece of equipment used for gutter and roof cleaning. Compressed-air (vacuum) pumps have a faster pumping speed (flow rate) compared to mechanical pumps known to have fluctuating air pressure that isolate and compress air.

Most point of use vacuum pumps operate by electric motor / hand-driven piston and must have a power source (generator) to run and compress the reservoir of compressed air. They extract air from the closed container and release it. The partial vacuum is created as the container’s air pressure begins to drop. Not all air/gas in the container is completely released, but the most effective pumps achieve significantly lower air pressure than the surrounding atmosphere.

Gutter and Roof Cleaning - Equipment and Operation Safety Training

Safe equipment (vacuum cleaning pumps) operation and roof and gutter cleaning is essential. The roof / gutter cleaning contractor should have and implement an OHS-compliant comprehensive Safety Management Plan that includes rood access and fall prevention, rescue and equipment operation, and regular safety meetings and drills. A project risk assessment and equipment test should be completed prior to beginning any job.

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