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Top 10 Reasons Why Your Roof Will Last Longer with Proper Gutter Cleaning

May 8, 2015

The gutters that edge your roof are an essential line of defense against water damage. Let's take a closer look at this invaluable service in our top 10 to see why a professional gutter cleaning service will extend the life of your roof.

1. Clogged gutters support small pools of standing water around the roof. The unseen puddles are apt to become a breeding spot for mosquitoes and other nasty bugs, critters that carry disease and stinging bites

2. If the narrow channels of the roof gutters remain clogged, the waste water overflows and spills straight to the ground. The result is inches of muddy water all around the property, pools that will eventually eat away at the foundations of the building.

3. Moss and mildew growths feed on standing water. Since the narrow channels of the gutter are blocked, rainwater run-off is stuck on the roof. Spores feed on this coating of life-sustaining fluid and moss grows to form a destructive layer of roof-destroying green matter.

4. The weight of autumn and spring debris causes the guttering to bend and warp. The knock-on effect here is a distinctive break in the cosmetic appearance of the home as the gutters bow and break.

5. If left unattended, the damage will escalate, spilling the water and waste against the fascia plate below the roof. The wood and building materials are designed to shrug off the majority of weather-related effects, but this continual overflow is bound to work its way through fasteners and interlocking panels over time.

6. The environment around a home is a harmonious blend of greenery and light breezes, but, in distilling Mother Nature's miracle over a period of weeks and months, the leaves and spores cast aside by nature end up on your roof. Only a free-flowing gutter will flush away these messy products of the environment.

7. Gunk reservoirs form when the environmental factors mentioned above combine with rainwater. Fallen twigs and windswept leaves bind with the water to create a muck that can only be blasted from the guttering by industrial-strength cleaning solutions.

8. If clogs only occurred in the rooftop troughs of your guttering, then anyone with a head for heights could make a go at cleaning the gutter. Unfortunately, the block can stick stubbornly just below the vertical downspout or at a bend in the leader pipe, thus complicating matters with unreachable blockages.

9. Wasps nest and bees will see your guttering as a potential home if the channels are buried in leaves and moss. Ensure your roof gutters are properly cleaned to banish wasp problems.

10. Cosmetic issues aren't as dangerous as wasps and mosquitoes, but a broken or twisted gutter, a water-saturated shingle line or fascia board, will reduce the value of the property and cause future problems that hurt your investment.

Mosquitoes carry diseases. Bees and wasps sting when irritated. Make sure your roof gutters are professionally cleaned to keep water flowing away from the roof and these intrusive influences far, far away.

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