Understanding the Usefulness of Fibre Optic Video Inspection of Drains and Sewerage System

September 21, 2016

As time passes, month after month, year after year, drains and underground pipes that lead to storm pits or street gutters can get clogged. There are many things that can get stuck down a drain and prevent water from flowing. And, when water is blocked from flowing freely, it builds up, causing flooding in and around a home.

When that happens, finding and removing any obstruction, as quickly as possible, especially if it is a drain that is part of your home’s sewerage system, is the only thing to do, which is easier said than done. In the not so distant past, finding the cause of a clogged underground pipe wasn’t easy, it required excavation of earth to access underground drainage pipes, which was a huge undertaking.

In fact, it was often cheaper to lay new pipes than attempt to find the cause of a clog, thankfully, now there is an easier way to inspect your drains and sewerage system, without having to dig up your yard.

Fibre Optic Video Inspection Using CCTV to Discover Obstructions in Pipes

Technology such as fibre optics and miniature cameras have become valuable tools that save countless industries time and money, by allowing inspectors to see inside walls, machines, and even inside pipes and drains. The capability to inspect otherwise impossible to reach places, using CCTV, is so useful it can’t be underscored enough. In fact, there is no better way to discover the cause of a blocked drain than seeing it with your own eyes.

Things such as leaves, sticks, dead pests, plastics, dirt and rocks are just some examples of obstructive materials that find their way down drains. However, one of the main culprits that cause underground sewer lines to stop flowing is tree roots. As pipes age and deteriorate, tree roots can penetrate and grow into them. Once roots start to grow inside the pipes, it is just a matter of time when waste-water starts to slowly drain, and then become completely clogged.

This usually results in a back-flow of toilet water and drains, which then become a health hazard. The best solution is to have drains and sewerage system inspected with CCTV, as soon as you notice water draining slower, and slower, to avoid potential backflow and flooding.

Whether it is your storm drains, gutters, downspouts, or sewerage system, you can call on Apex to conduct a CCTV inspection to discover any obstructions.

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