Vacuum Gutter Cleaning for Hospitals and Schools

November 15, 2016

When people think of gutter cleaning, they often think of residential properties, however, all types of buildings use gutters to funnel water off the roof and away from the foundation. Maintaining proper gutter flow simply doesn’t come to mind for places like schools and hospitals. Although, just like residential properties, it is just as critical to use gutters and downspouts on buildings that house children, elderly and the sick.

Reasons to Clean Gutters for Hospitals and Schools

The reasons for cleaning gutters and downspouts of schools and hospitals are actually identical to that of residential properties. It ensures that the flow of rainwater doesn’t get blocked, which can cause water damage to a building, or weaken its foundation.

Vacuum gutter cleaning removes broken branches, leafs, stones, dust, garbage, and bird droppings in gutters and downspouts. If ignored for long, debris such as these will often pile up to obstruct water flow. Once water flow is blocked, it allows insects and mosquitoes to breed in the stagnant water that is left in the gutter, making it a literal breeding ground for bacteria, mold and insects.

Not only does this create an unhealthy environment that is unsuitable for both schools and hospitals, but it also puts these buildings at risk of damaging the gutter, downspouts and drains. Thankfully, regular gutter cleaning can avoid this situation from ever developing.

Inspection and Prevention

When is gutter cleaning needed? You don’t have to wait for water to back up and over flow from the gutter system. If unsure of the condition of gutters, downspouts and drains, then the best thing to do is to have these inspected, and then cleaned if needed. Inspecting the gutter system of schools and hospitals, to determine if cleaning is needed, is the best preventive measure. To do that requires professional help, and the reason for this is obvious – safety.

Accessing the roof of high buildings, without the proper equipment and safety training, is dangerous, and not advised. Thankfully, Apex Vacuum Gutter Cleaning offers professional gutter cleaning services that comes with a Safety Management Plan, to ensure that gutters at schools and hospitals are inspected and cleaned safely.

Apex has the safety equipment, experience, and the training to reach the roof of multistory buildings to clean gutters and downspouts, and you can avail of a no-obligation initial inspection just by giving them a call today.

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