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What are the best tips for gutter maintenance?

March 31, 2014

All too often the importance of the operation of a home’s gutters is underestimated. We don’t think of our gutters often enough, and that shows through how many have to be replaced annually. Gutters are almost an out of sight out of mind accessory, but their maintenance is critical to the upkeep of the home.

Gutters are notorious for collecting twigs, leaves and other debris. Even birds and insects love to build their nests in your gutters. When too much debris collects inside them the water becomes stuck. This is when the real trouble sets in.

The damages from clogged gutters can be quite costly. It is of the utmost importance to be sure that your gutters remain debris free so that water can free flow throughout the entire structure.

This is without a doubt a mundane task to say the least, but it must be done. After all, the gutters are the first line of defense against things like soil erosion from the foundation of the home and calculated water runoff distribution.

If the runoff is not appropriately redirected it can make its way into the foundation of your home through small cracks and cervices. When it is forced back out then parts of your foundation will be forced out with it. Eventually you could see leakage in the basement, which could lead to issues with mold and structural damage.

Blocked gutters can also become very heavy. This can cause them to break free from their fasteners and pull away from the home. Furthermore, gutters that are not properly working can lead to sinkholes. That is nothing you want to contend with, and we have seen quite a bit of sinkhole activity as of late in the news, especially in the southern states.

The cosmetic flaw is there, but truly is the least of your worries. Let’s talk now about how to clean your gutters. It really is not that difficult, and it will save you a ton of work in the long run, not to mention money.

You will need a good, sturdy ladder that offers you plenty of room to reach the gutters. You should use a ladder that allows you to lean against something solid and sturdy. Do not lean the ladder against the gutters. Scaffolding can be used as well.

There are tools specifically made for tougher gutter cleaning jobs. When you purchase the gutter scoop it is important to measure the gutter first so to get the correct size. In construction and maintenance one size does not fit all.

Think before you throw. If you just toss the gunk onto the ground you will have to pick it up all over again. Bring a bag or put a trash bucket by where you will be cleaning so that you can transfer the debris right into the appropriate disposal location. This will minimize your work considerably.

After you have gotten all of the large blockages removed go ahead and get the smaller debris. You will probably find a layer of mildew as well. This should be cleaned. You can get gutter brushes to make this task easier. Look for the longer handled ones with rounded heads, as they will work best and with the most convenience. You may consider using a pressure washer as well.

Last but not least you could get the help of a professional to get your gutters cleaned. This needs to be done twice a year, but definitely every spring. It is recommended to have the other cleaning in late fall.

With a professional this is a no hassle way to not only protect your home, preserve the integrity of the gutter system and be sure that everything is secure but it is a smart way to maintain structure preservation as well.

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