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What is a Rooftop Fall Protection System?

Mar. 23, 2015

A rooftop fall protection system is designed to prevent falls from any type of roof. They offer safety and other benefits for both your home and business environment. In truth, it is a vital element for distinctive safety measures to help prevent dangerous falls and accidents.

Why a Rooftop Fall Protection System is Needed

Both workers and employees need to access the rooftop to perform jobs such as inspection, maintenance, repairs and construction. Oftentimes the tasks are performed in extreme weather conditions like snow, rain and high wind. So in order to prevent injuries and falls, a rooftop fall protection system is absolutely crucial.

Likewise, a rooftop fall protection system can provide protection for a variety of roof applications such as skylights, leading edges, hatches and ladders. The protection system can include prevention, fall restraint systems and fall arrest.

Types of Rooftop Fall Protection System Applications

There are a wide variety of rooftop fall protection applications to support the safety and production needs of your home or business. Here are a few of the basic systems to keep all your workers and employees safe:

Roof Edges: The most obvious safety hazards on the roof are the edges. For prevention of falls you can add roof warning lines and visibility flags on the roof leading edges. You can also add a roof horizontal lifeline around the roof leading edges for fall restraint safety and continuous fall arrest.

Skylights: Any skylight or opening that is not guarded appropriately is considered a hole and is an accident waiting to happen. For prevention of falls and calamities you can add skylight and opening safety cover guards that provide coverage.

Multi-Level Roofs: When a roof is attached to another building and there is a drop of 6 feet or more then you must protect the edge for safety measures. Guard rails and flags can be used to prevent falls and accidents.

Types of Rooftop Fall Protection Systems

There are a variety of rooftop fall protection systems that can drastically reduce accidents and prevent falls.

Guardrails: One of the best ways to prevent falls is to get rid of threats that are a safety hazard. Guardrails remove the hazard entirely by putting a barricade between a worker and a fall hazard.

Restraint Devices: Another great way to prevent accidents and falls is with restraint devices. For instance, anchor points and lifeline devices can be utilized to prevent a worker from reaching the roof edge.

Fall Arrest Equipment: For extra measure, fall arrest equipment can help stop a fall after it happens. Sometimes this device is needed especially if an employee or contractor has to work on the edge of a roof.

Remove Debris from Gutters

An excess of debris in your gutters is also a safety hazard. Not only is it fire hazard but an accumulation of debris can back water up under the shingles making the roof unsafe for workers to walk on. As well, when there is water on the roof, ice and frost can form making the roof even more hazardless.

Ensuring that Your Roof is Safe

A rooftop work environment requires exceptional safety measures to be utilized in order to prevent dangerous falls. In fact, you should have a rooftop fall protection system if there are drops six feet or higher. Otherwise, a fall from great height could cause fatal injuries and even death.

If you are in need of a rooftop fall protection system then do not hesitate to take action before an accident happens. Apex Vacuum Gutter Cleaning is prominent roof specialist in the Victoria area. In fact, the company has been in the roofing business for over 12 years. They have a fully trained staff that can answer any questions about your roof, gutters and rooftop fall protection systems. In addition, Apex Vacuum Gutter Cleaning has a vast selection of specialized safety equipment to keep your roof safe.

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