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What is best for gutter systems: Spike hangers or Bracket hangers?

Apr. 28, 2015

When it comes to gutter installation, there are two most basic ways to go about it – employing either a spike hanger or a bracket hanger. These two generally act as the primary anchor for any gutter, allowing it to hang snugly unto the rafters or edges of any roof. There is an ongoing debate over which of the two is far more superior, although the general consensus, at least with regards to standard building regulations, seems to veer towards a general preference for spike hangers.

A look at spike hangers

Spike hangers are in the most literal sense, spikes which are driven, much like ferrules, into the surface or the centre of a gutter drain. These are then held in place by a rivet fastened through either end, attaching into the rafter’s place. This allows for a discreet way to install hangers, with the additional bonus of being ‘invisible’ to the naked eye.

Unfortunately, this type of attachment doesn’t provide much degree of durability with regards to heavy-weather scenarios like snow or buffeting winds. Instead, these do prove to be ideal for more stable climates.

A Look at bracket hangers

Bracket hangers on the other hand are considered a far more durable, albeit less unsightly option for gutter installation. As the name suggests, bracket hangers are hardened metal brackets, made of various materials such as anodised steel, copper, aluminum, or bronze, which tend to be fitted to, and attached underneath your gutters.

This typical type of installation involves the use of either top-grade rivets or nails. These, along with a bracket hanger’s penchant to ‘cradle’ the gutter, help to provide maximum durability with regards to even weight distribution. Use of either top-grade rivets or nails provide gutters greater ability to withstand the toll that gutters have to undergo, especially in unpredictable or heavy weather conditions involving snow, torrential rain, and heavy winds.

Aesthetically, brackets can appear to be dated or unsightly. However, given that they are far more durable than spike hangers, installed with even weight distribution in mind, they are perfect for holding up or supporting uneven snow distribution, large torrent of water, the weight of leaf detritus, and weathering in general.

What is the best for gutter systems: spike hangers or bracket hangers? It is best to consult a professional vacuum and guttering cleaning specialist. For more information on what best to install for your home gutter solutions, please visit:

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