What is Hydro Jet Cleaning and How Does It Work?

Aug. 18, 2014

Whether it’s your home or business, when it comes to fast and reliable cleaning services nothing beats the old-fashioned way of cleaning with water. Water has always been the primary medium of cleaning since the beginning of human history – and the practice has persisted, evolved, and has been refined to the point of near perfection.

In the light of high-volume or heavy-duty industrial cleaning methods, the old standard water-cleaning method of using only a bucket and some rags simply will not do. What is needed is a fast, reliable, efficient, and hassle-free way of removing dirt and grime off all surface types, irrespective of the type of material.

Out with the Bucket and Rags – in with Hydro Jet Cleaning

Most conventional cleaning methods are, unfortunately, unable to do this and may require additional attention that equates to more time and thus more expense. If you’re looking for a fast, highly efficient way to clean up all types of gutters, downpipes or any solid surface without having to bother with any extraneous additions, then consider hydro jet cleaning.

If you’re a place of business or a privately owned estate that needs a quick solution to things like clogged gutters and canals, dirt encrusted pave-ways, consider vacuum gutter cleaning and jet hydro cleaning solutions. It just makes sense.

What are the Benefits of Jet Hydro Cleaning and Why Opt for It?

When it comes to fast and thorough methods of cleaning, nothing comes close to the efficiency of jet hydro cleaning. In a nutshell, jet hydro cleaning employs very powerful pumps to project strong currents of water unto a surface or area, effectively fulfilling the function of buff and polisher without the need for manual labour or additional tools.

Another well-known and highly indispensable industrial-grade cleaning solution is vacuum gutter cleaning. Not as powerful nor as efficient as jet hydro cleaning, vacuum cleaning employs a more ‘toned-down’ variant of jet hydro cleaning, but instead of projecting a strong pulse of water outward, it employs moderate projections of water to soften surface encrusted dirt, grime, and solid particles, and then sucks them into a prodigious storage chamber like a vacuum.

This method of cleaning not only promises a very efficient means to remove dirt, while simultaneous leaving the surface near spotlessly clean, it also aids in proper and compact waste disposal. This gives cleaners the benefit of ease when it comes to the finishing touches of a cleaning job.

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