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When Do You Need A CCTV Drain Inspection for Your Home?

Feb. 8, 2016

As years pass, the roof and gutter systems of buildings feel the age, and the gutters, down pipes, and underground drain pipes that lead to the street or a storm pit get blocked or clogged-up. And, when your drains and pipes frequently back-up, and water stops draining, there is only one thing to do, find the root of the problem. Tree roots are often the culprits that cause clogged drain pipes.

Eventually, underground drain pipes that run from gutter downpipes get clogged, usually from common debris accumulated on the roof such as leafs, twigs, dirt, plastic bags, and paper garbage brought by the wind. Although, tree roots blocking water flow can actually be the real cause, but it is very difficult to detect. Unless, you have a CCTV Drain Inspection for your home's gutters, downpipes, drain pipes and storm pits conducted.

CCTV Drain Inspection Easily Locates the Problem

Using CCTV, an inside look at your water drainage system can effectively locate the cause of your frequent drainage problems. It is not uncommon that tree roots are the cause, these find their way into cracked pipes and then grow inside, which eventually prevents water from flowing.

Other possible causes of a backed-up water drainage system can include critical problems such as damaged underground drain pipe joints, cracks or obstructions that have caused a clog. Small animals are a frequent problem, as small critters die in your roof's gutters, and then later, during heavy rains, these end-up obstructing the gutters and downpipes, and can eventual end up in underground water drainage pipes.

Once any obstruction or damaged pipes are discovered using CCTV, and the assessment of the situation is completed, then 'real' solutions can be found. Otherwise, it’s anyone's guess as to why you experience frequent restriction of water flow, or why you have a clogged gutter and downpipes.

If you can only guess the cause of your clogged drainage system, and you would like to know the 'real' problem, then contact a professional gutter cleaning and maintenance company that offers CCTV inspections.

Here at Apex Vacuum Gutter Cleaning, our specially trained technicians will quickly find the problem, and then advise the best course of action to take. For more information please feel free to contact us today.

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