When to replace your gutters and downpipes

May 30, 2014

Keeping up with home repairs is important

When to replace your gutter and downpipes is when they are leaking, rusted or otherwise in need of repair. Gutters and downpipes are an important feature of any well-built home. Without them your eaves will rot quicker. Without well-conceived gutters and downpipes you will have drainage problems and not be able to control where the rain or snow melted-water will directed. Downpipes help the water drain into one or two central locations vs. all around the roofs perimeter.

Replace instead of repair

If budget does not permit it’s okay to repair vs. replace; however, in most circumstances with anything it’s best to replace instead of repair. Patching or repairing is fine but it’s never the best option. If your gutters or downspouts are in need of repair then you should consider replacing the damaged areas.

The worst thing that you can do is leave the damaged gutters and downpipes alone. You must maintenance them even if you cannot replace them. This can be a lot more affordable than you may think. You can find all sorts of do it yourself tutorials to walk you through it online. Just do not cut corners, and get a professional to examine them as soon as you can. You should do this annually even if you have repaired them yourself.

Gutters and downspouts – taking note before it costs you!

You probably never notice your gutters and downspouts. Until something needs repair most persons do not take note. Our advice is to watch your home carefully for any potential repairs so that maintenance can be managed before repairs or replacements are needed.

The nature of gutters and downspouts

Talk about nature. About every conceivable piece of debris from nature is sure to collect inside your guttering system. Wind and rain cause dirt and pileups to land right where you don't want or need. Nests are built by well-meaning birds, and squirrels just love a leaf-filled gutter-cot. Small animals call gutters their home.

Gutters weren't meant for animal habitats, they were meant to drain roof water efficiently. You'll have problems ridding the leaves, debris, small animals and nests, if you inspect your guttering once per month you can remove any potential future problems. I know, I know....I hate removing birds’ nests too but unfortunately it’s a must-do for home owners.

When to replace your gutters and downpipes

The best time to replace your gutters and downpipes is at the first sign that a repair issue is present. Again, it's always best to replace than repair.

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