Why an OH&S Officer Is Vital to Safety Management in Gutter and Drain Cleaning Services

Nov. 9, 2015

The occupational health and safety or OH&S officer designs, administers and updates a company's safety management plan. When it comes to gutter and drain cleaning services, this officer will ensure that the staff members understand how to perform their duties safely even at the substantial heights that at times are necessary among other things. Employees must go through specific training in order for them to be safe daily while they perform their jobs. If a company fails to enact an effective safety program, it may cost the employees their lives in some cases. In addition, the right safety procedures protect not only the employees, but also the clients.

Duties of an OH&S Officer

The OH&S officer performs the following duties:

  • Guarantees that all staff members meet height safety qualifications, understand the right methods for working children at schools, participate in ongoing in-house training to increase safety standards
  • Makes certain that staff members have the proper license to operate the company's elevating work platforms or EWPs
  • Ensures that the equipment is in proper working condition at all times and meets all safety requirements
  • Promotes practices that lead to occupational health and safety of the employees while they work each day
  • Makes certain that the staff members wear the correct safety gear to perform the duties
  • Ensures that all chemical and dangerous materials are stored and used in a safe manner
  • Helps investigate accidents to discover their causes
  • Identifies potentially hazardous situations
  • Makes sure that workers receive proper medical treatment and rehabilitation for injuries that they suffer on the job
  • Develops the company's occupational health and safety programs, regulations, procedures and training
  • Dictates and oversees emergency procedures and the personnel who performs them

An OH&S Officer Works Throughout the Company

Even though the OH&S officer has an office to perform essential paperwork and other tasks in, the officer will work throughout the company from the training room to the job sites. Through this, the officer can catch all safety violations or issues along with identifying the areas where improvements are necessary.

An OH&S Officer Performs a Risk Assignment on All Jobs

Before professionals perform gutter and drain cleaning services, the OH&S officer will perform a risk assessment and list all the safety procedures that are necessary for the job. The officer will provide the company with a job safety analysis and safe work method statement for the clients prior the start of each new job.

OH&S officer is vital for a company that delivers gutter and drain cleaning services since he or she safeguards the employees and clients. Through safe techniques and equipment handling, jobs come to completion effectively without the occurrence of major issues or accidents.

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