Why does my Gutters Stink?

Dec. 2, 2014

Do you smell something stinky around your home? Do you suspect the smell is coming from your gutters? Maybe your gutters aren't draining enough water when it rains?

Why Does My Gutter Stink?

The stinky smell that comes from gutters is really horrible. You and your family might even get sick because of it. The pungent smell from gutters can reach into your home through vents or simply the windows near your gutters, and the smell will continue to make you suffer every time you breathe, until your gutters are cleaned.

Why do gutters stink? The cause of the bad smell is mainly a result of clogged gutters, where mud and soil form, as well as decomposed leaves. Or, even worse, dead rats or mice! Your clogged gutters smell can find a home in your neighbor’s house too, and they can become a nest full of cockroaches. That’s right, cockroaches.

Cockroaches like damp clogged gutter because of the soil and decomposing organic material. Decomposing damp leaves and mud inside your gutters are the perfect breeding environment for cockroaches and other insects. Even, termites can live there too, and can ultimately destroy your home little by little.

Seeing less water flow than normal, or none at all, is an indication that your gutter could be clogged, and that spells trouble. Other than an unpleasant stink smell, clogged gutters can really be a big problem, especially when heavy rain comes. Unguided water flow can seep into your home through cracks in the roof, which can damage you home internally and cost an incredible amount of money than a proper regular gutter cleaning service.

Why does my gutter stink? The answer is very simple, your gutters are clogged. So, what’s the best solution? Cleaning your gutter of built up soil, decomposing leaves and other debris is the only way to remove the bad odor these produce. Unfortunately, cleaning gutters by hand is a nasty business, and it can be hazardous! Finding a proper ladder to safely reach the roof may be difficult to acquire, and then climbing onto the roof can be dangerous, especially if you are alone, which is never advised.

Also, the smell you noticed in the beginning is now in your face, and it will smell much worse. To avoid this whole mess of a situation, shrewd homeowners opt instead to hire a professional gutter cleaning service like Apex Vacuum Gutter Cleaning Service, then clean gutters themselves. Vacuum Gutter Cleaning has very comprehensive knowledge about cleaning gutters with complete cleaning and safety equipment, along with professionally trained personnel.

If you want to get rid of your gutter’s stinking smell, get it cleaned by professional cleaners, get it cleaned by the Apex Vacuum Gutter Cleaning.

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