Why Hydro Excavation is Better When Doing Maintenance Checks for Old Connections?

October 20, 2017

There are many responsibilities that come with property ownership, besides maintaining the interior and exterior of structures, utility connections leading to the property must also be maintained. Most jurisdictions require property owners to maintain certain portions of old connections, such as underground electrical wiring, water pipes, and sewer lines.

Checking the condition of sewer lines and drains is easier today because of the help of CCTV, which allows the effective diagnosis of blockage problems. However, other types of utility connections are not as easily accessible using traditional means. Whether you need to conduct maintenance checks for old connections, or you have an earth moving project and need to locate where underground piping and wiring are to prevent damage, there is a much easier and safer way than using either a backhoe or manual labour – hydro excavation.

Hydro Excavation is the safest way to maintain and Check for Old Connections

If you have to locate old utility connections leading to your property, there is no better way to access them than by hiring a hydro excavation service. Unlike traditional excavation means, such as backhoes and large excavators, water-powered, non-destructed hydro excavation eliminates any risks of damaging underground cables, utility pipes, drains, and sewer lines.

By using powerful jets of water to excavate, soil can be effectively removed with powerful pumps and redirected away from the working area. In this way, a focused stream of pressurised water can effortlessly cut through even hard compacted dirt, without harming any utility connection such as underground cables, water pipes, and gas lines.

Hydro excavation is highly recommended when working very near to structures, as jets of water can penetrate down into the ground within a radius as small as 6-8 inches. Unlike heavy equipment or manual labour using shovels that require digging up a large area, just to reach a few feet down into the ground. Another major benefit of using pressurised jets of water for excavation is that it is non-destructive and doesn’t make a mess.

Water and soil are vacuumed up using powerful commercial pumps at the same time excavation is being conducted. Sludge is then redirected to a designated area away from the area, or collected and transported off property.

If you are in need of a non-destructed means to access and maintain old connections, it is highly recommended to hire a hydro excavation service that can quickly and efficiently expose them, without causing any damage or making a huge mess in the process.

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