Why is Hydro Excavation Better and More Practical than Manual Digging?

July 25, 2016

Not long ago, it wasn’t uncommon to see dozens of men manually digging in the soil at construction sites, back when heavy machinery was not economically feasible during building projects. Back then, it took a lot of physical effort, money, and patience to get the job done. Even today, some earth moving projects are too small to warrant bringing in heavy machinery, and physical manpower is needed. Fortunately, there is another easier way to move earth, rather than manual digging.

Now, hydro excavation is being utilised as a more effective means to move earth and to dig holes of all sizes because it is faster and more efficient than a pick, a shovel and muscle power. However, for those who may not grasp the benefits of using pressurised water to move earth, then the information below will help by making a comparison.

Practical Damage Prevention/Control

Millions of miles of utility pipelines have been buried under the ground, and no one has an accurate mapping system for most of it. And, it is not uncommon for building contractors to unknowingly damage these when ground work begins, as the exact location of underground utilities are a mystery. Unfortunately, manual excavation can not only accidentally damage underground utilities, but the possibility of personal injury is also a main concern.

On the other hand, using pressurised jets of water and an industrial vacuum is a subtle way to remove soil and debris, without risking damage or injury to any undiscovered utility lines or to workers.

Cost Benefits Using Hydro Excavation

Traditional excavation methods requires a lot of unnecessary efforts, when compared to using pressurised water, such as hiring labourers, acquiring excavation tools and needed vehicles for removing earth, not to mention the cost of any damage caused to utility lines or personal on-the-job injuries.

Rather, hydro excavation requires a few workers and tools to get the job done faster, while at the same time reducing costs and risk of liability in the process. That is exactly why property owners and contractors prefer hydro vacuum digging.

All Weather Usage

Hydro vacuum digging eliminates the heavy costs of delays caused from bad weather, as traditional excavation equipment can’t function safely when the ground becomes soaked. You can learn more about pressurised water excavation from the friendly folks at Apex Vacuum and Gutter Cleaning, they specialise in hydro digging and excavation and are more than happy to answer any questions you have.

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