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When they need safe and efficient gutter cleaning, Carrum Downs locals can call on the team from Apex Vacuum Gutter Cleaning. With the high-volume vacuum pumps that are perfect for either commercial or domestic gutter cleaning, we can offer a complete cleaning service for your school, owners’ corporation, business, or home.

Our family owned and operated business offers you the experience that comes with over twelve years in the industry. We have a highly trained and capable team, as well as the right equipment to complete jobs to a higher standard every time.

We’re here for you whenever you need us, and if you would like our team to clean or inspect the roof, or to carry out minor repairs while we’re cleaning the gutters, then you can rely on us for these services as well.

Our Services

We service industrial and commercial clients, including local and state government, schools and owner's corporations.

The Experts in Roof Cleaning That Carrum Downs Locals Can Rely On

When it comes to roof cleaning solutions, Carrum Downs locals can count on APEX Vacuum Gutter Cleaning to provide the thorough cleaning service that will help to keep their roof looking it’s very best and clear of built-up dirt and debris.

If you already have a problem with a dirty roof, then you can call on us to provide a solution. We have tried and tested equipment that allow us to clear away even the most stubborn grime and dirt with ease.

Getting your roof professionally cleaned can also help to prevent water creeping into places it shouldn’t, and reduce the likelihood of having to invest in expensive replacement services down the line. In the long run, your entire guttering system will function better if the roof is clean and clear. That is why our team so aims to provide a comprehensive service for you!

Careful Commercial or Residential Hydro Excavation for Carrum Downs

When you need non-destructive excavation in sensitive areas, hydro excavation is the way to go. If you are concerned about underground services, including power, gas, telecommunications, sewer, or stormwater systems, then ask us how our non-destructive ‘digging’ can offer a safer alternative.

To find out more about any of our services, including hydro excavation, Carrum Downs locals can call or email our team. We work throughout Melbourne and the south eastern suburbs and we are always happy to provide a quote or advice for residential, commercial, and local government customers.

Other Services

All these services fall under residential/commercial/industrial

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For a useful customer service, safety and reliable gutter cleaning services contact us today!

Why Work With Apex Vacuum Gutter Cleaning

Apex Vacuum Gutter Cleaning use diesel powered, high volume industrial grade vacuum
pumps to provide professional vacuum gutter cleaning, pit and drain cleaning, hydro excavation and spill / slurry clean up.

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We work with fall prevention and rescue equipment, and are qualified to supply, install, and certify various roof access and fall prevention systems.

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Book your gutter cleaners in Melbourne today!

For a useful customer service, safety and reliable gutter cleaning services contact us today!