Commercial and Industrial Buildings Roof Cleaning and Maintenance

January 29 2018

Professional roof cleaning services is the best and safest way to properly remove surface pollutants, debris, and stains from roofs of commercial and industrial buildings. Regular roof cleaning and maintenance is important for commercial and industrial buildings because it ensures the roofs will last longer and other beneficial reasons.

Beneficial Reasons to Clean the Roofs of Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Property owners should be concerned about maintaining the roof of their buildings, as it will prevent many problems that arise from lack of regular maintenance. Surprisingly there are a number of good reasons and benefits that regularly schedule cleaning and maintenance of one’s roof, below are listed a few:

Increased energy efficiency – it typically takes only a few years of exposure to the elements before a roof system will become dirty. This condition can cause materials of a roof system to diminish their energy efficient properties, resulting in an increase of heating and cooling costs.

Prevent rust and moisture from developing – when debris such as leafs, dust, dirt, paper and plastic, it allows moisture to become trapped, and can cause deterioration of the coating of metal roofing sheets, resulting in the accelerated development of rust.

Meeting government and insurance requirements – guidelines establish by government and insurance agencies can and do often require commercial and industrial buildings to have their roofs maintained, at least once a year. Roof cleaning and inspection can prevent damage to roofs, and can even prevent fires by removing debris and keeping it clean and free of chemicals and contaminants.

Removal of algae, mildew and mould – bacteria, mild and mould will eventually build-up on roof surfaces and gutters, and will spread across the surface of metal roofs and gutters. Bacteria such as algae will stain surfaces and mildew and moulds can find their way into the interior of commercial and industrial buildings to become a health hazard to people.

Preventing gutters from clogging – cleaning commercial and industrial gutters requires special tools, equipment and training to do it properly and safely. Clogged gutters can cause water damage to roofing if water is allowed to backflow, it can penetrate under roofing materials and cause much damage to walls and the interior of buildings.

Because of these reasons, it is recommended to have the roofs of commercial and industrial building professionally cleaned and maintained at least twice a year.

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