The Importance of School Gutter and Roof Cleaning and Maintenance

Feb. 6, 2017

Because the roof stands guard as a protective barrier against the outside elements, property owners and administrators need to make sure that these are maintained properly, this is especially true for school buildings. While the actual roof itself needs to be inspected and repaired as needed, so that it keeps rain water from entering buildings, it is the gutter system that usually gets overlooked when conducting roof inspections.

Gutters and down-spouts are very important parts of all buildings, as these areas of the roof play a vital role in keeping water away from walls and the foundation of buildings. Without them working properly, water can flow freely down the side of buildings and then collect at the base. Water can easily enter a building when it flows down walls, or when it seeps into the ground next to the foundation of the building.

Water and moisture that penetrates walls through cracks can produce mold, which can become a serious health issue, especially in schools. Not to mention, unrestricted water flow at the base of buildings can weaken the foundation, causing it to crack as the land underneath it erodes. Thankfully, both situations can be avoided if school gutter and roof cleaning and maintenance is done properly.

School Gutter and Roof Cleaning and Maintenance

While there are various types of roofing material that effectively protects buildings from the sun and wind, keeping water from entering a school by making sure the gutter system is maintained is just as important. To do this requires that roof cleaning and maintenance be scheduled regularly, so that no debris such as dirt, garbage, leafs, twigs, or deceased animals clog the gutter and downspout.

When a gutter system is clogged and overflows, that is when water usually makes contact with the building’s walls; causing a pool of water to form at the base of the building. Stagnant water in clogged gutters can create a health issue because it creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes, insects, mold, and bacteria. Stagnant water in gutters creates an unhealthy environment for schools because it can make students and staff sick.

Health and safety concerns are the most important issues facing administrators, so things such as mold and mildew, as well as the structural integrity of school buildings, need to be kept in check. Thankfully, professionals at Apex Vacuum and Gutter Cleaning can help to make sure that school gutter systems are clean and working as they should.

Here at Apex, our safety trained and experienced team have the proper equipment to access multistory buildings, and can effectively clean roofs by removing any debris that could cause clogging in school gutters. Your school can avail of a free no-obligation gutter and roof inspection, by contacting Apex today.

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